Board of Directors

- "Mr. Josephluis Dsouza/ Managing Director" / Whole Time Director

Mr. Josephluis Dsouza has a degree in commerce and possesses good experience in the field of civil foundations, stone crushing business and Telecommunication business.

- "Mr. Valiyakath Adimakungu Noushad" / Independent Director

Mr. Valiyakath Adimakungu Noushad, is an Arts Graduate from Kerala University. He has immense international exposure especially in Middle East region & has varied experience in the construction industry.

- "Mr. Anirudh Shrikrishna Sadhale" / Independent Director

Mr. Bhalchandra Shrikrishna Sadhale is a Chartered Accountant having 20 years of Experience with corporates like Godrej. His experience includes implementing SAP systems across the country & also in various countries across Europe & the Middle East.

- "Ms. Pushpa Prakash" / Independent Director

Ms. Pushpa Prakash holds a degree in commerce and has sufficient business experience.


-"Mr. Anilkumar Chandran" / Promoter of the company

Mr. Anilkumar Chandran, is the founder Promoter of our Company. He has completed a diploma in electronic engineering from State Board of Technical Education, Kerala in the year 1991. He has an overall industrial experience of more than 14 years. He is responsible for overall planning & management of our Company. He has been on the Board of Directors of our Company since incorporation.